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Project Description
C# API to access the REST based BaseCamp services.

BaseCamp is a web based system for managing collaborative projects. Simple manipulations of your project are provided through the web user interface. A REST based API is exposed for more advanced manipulation of your project. This project consists of a C# API for accessing the REST based BaseCamp API. It consists of:
  • An assembly containing an API for accessing BaseCamp REST web services. The API models the following entities:
    • Milestone
    • Person
    • Project
    • ToDo List
    • ToDo List Item
    • Time Entry
  • An NUnit test suite
  • A simple application that moves ToDo lists from one project to another:
    • The UI lets you pick a source project and a destination proejct and populates list boxes with the ToDo lists from each project
    • Selected lists on the source project can be copied to the target project
    • Selected lists on the source project can be deleted
    • ToDo list attributes are preserved (description, time tracking enabled)
    • Milestones associated with a ToDo list are created on the target project
    • ToDo list items are copied and owners are preserved
    • TimeEntry logs against a ToDo list item are copied

I would like to thank DAZ 3D for allowing me to open source this code and share it with the BaseCamp community.

This code was created in a test-driven development style. I used an article on CodeProject as a reference while creating this project. The CodeProject article used the older API for BaseCamp and I wanted to use the newer REST based API for BaseCamp.

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